Most dog owners, especially those who have puppies, have had trouble because their dog won’t stop barking in its dog crate. Though many people just see it as obnoxious there is a reason your dog is doing this and with most problems there is a solution. If the problem is not dealt with quickly it can become a habit and an irritating one at that. Many dogs learn how to control their owners by barking until they get there way, remind anybody of a child?

Good Ideas to Help your Dog Stop Barking in their Dog Crate

A lot of the time when your puppy is barking it means they need to go to the bathroom so TAKE THEM! It’s as simple as that. If you start to notice that your dog is barking far more frequently then they need to go to the bathroom then move onto the next tip.

Dogs need to learn that being alone is alright. Teach this by leaving them alone for extended periods of time. It doesn’t have to be long and you can even be home. The worst thing that can happen is separation anxiety which is a can of worms that is better left untouched. Bare in mind this first step may be painful for both you and your ears. Just remember that it is for your dogs own good that you are doing this and that they need to live by your rules.

Depending how your dog is doing with short times alone begin to leave them alone for longer and longer periods of time. Eventually your dog will be able to be left alone while you are at work and won’t feel the need to continuously bark for your attention.

Dogs get bored too. It is nice if in your dog crate there is some type of dog toy for them to play with. A chew toy is always a good idea, this will prevent them from chewing up what ever it between them and the floor like newspaper or a dog crate pad.

Also your dog may be hungry or thirsty especially if left alone for more then half an hour. Make sure to leave a water bowl in your dog cage and maybe a biscuit or two depending on your dogs eating habits.

These tips may be harder then they sound once you hear your puppy continuously wining and barking but just remember it is for their and your own good.

Bad Ideas to Help your Dog Stop Barking in their Dog Crate

NEVER reward your puppy when it is wining. This will enforce them to keep wining, as if it is a preferred behavior.

Though positive reinforcement goes farther then scolding, sometimes it is a good idea to scold your dog if it is not obeying.

Don’t abandon your dog completely, if they can’t stand not being in your presence all the time start leaving them alone for only 5 minutes and gradually increase the time.

Never let your dog soil there dog crate, it is unsanitary to say the least and it will make your dog want to get out faster, thus encouraging more wining and barking.

A Final Word about Dogs Barking in There Dog Crate

Somethings there is no answer to this question of why your dog is wining in its dog crate. My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Tucker will randomly start wining when something changes in our house or yard. Though he is only 8 months old, sometimes dogs just display there quarks in weird ways. If this happens don’t worry about it so long as you can restore dominance over your dog quickly, it is just your dog talking.

The next time your dog is wining or barking in its dog crate, don’t get mad just ask why and you can fix the problem often easier then you think!