As winter is rearing its ugly head, many people are wondering how to keep their dogs warm during these frigged months. If you live in the area that is subjected to heavy snow fall and very cold temperature especially and you have a pet, you might want to start thinking of ways to keep them comfortable and warm. One of the ways to do this is to allow them extended time indoors. However, if you are not comfortable in keeping your dog inside , there are still alternatives to keep them warm and dry during the cold season.

Though keeping your dog outside might seem cruel, remember they have a layer of fur for a reason. To ensure they stay warm and comfortable try setting up a bed in your garage. A nice, thick mat or bed for your dog will keep him warm even he is in your garage. By elevating your dog bed will allow them to escape the cold even more. Another way is to put him in a dog house or dog crate. Dog crates are a great way to keep your dog outdoors and still ensures that he is comfortable and warm during winter. Though wire dog cages will let in air, if properly fitted they will be like their own den. Try using Crateware or Crate covers to isolate your dog from the cold. dog crate cover, wire dog cage, dog cage cover

Winter can create some health problems on your dog such as arthritis due to cold weather. A great investment is to put up a dog crate that is sturdy and can withstand any weather. Keep in mind that it is important that the dog house should not be too spacious but also not too enclosed. Proper size of the dog house should be considered when buying or building. The exterior should be sealed against rain, snow and moist and wind. To ensure the warmth of the dog house, amenities can be added such as thicker blanket of bed. A heater can also be installed on the dog house to ensure that your dog is warmed. A well built dog house should provide a shelter for your dog at all kinds of weather. Building your dog a house will protect and give him shelter all year round.

There are a lot of means and ways to keep your dog warm and comfortable during winter or cold season. All you have to do is to explore the alternatives and the most important part is if you don’t feel your dog is warm enough bring them inside, it is much better to risk your furniture then the well being of your dog. In my mind there is nothing better then curling up with a nice warm dog for the night and let them keep you warm!